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Assessments & Training. On-Site and Off-Site. Online and Offline, since 2015

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We have launched our college’s brand new website


Our brand new bespoke website is finally live and specially crafted to meet our learners’ needs.


Our learners’ comes first – your time is priceless and we understand that. That’s why we have created a more functional, cleaner, and easy-to-navigate through the information website.


All our approved, available courses and NVQs are now live and bookable online as before, but we’ve now added an individual Course Brochure and Qualification Specification which includes the exact information you need to know before you enroll to a course or an NVQ with us.


You can now navigate through the courses’ information easier, and you don’t need to register with an account to can book and pay for a course or NVQ online on our website. You can also simply and securely apply online with your details through our custom Candidate Application Form.


Your data has never been more important to us – we will never market your personal data nor share it with third parties without letting you know. You can go through our Privacy Policy to make sure we’re on the right way.


We have now added all the approval certificates and insurance policies to promote transparency, and to rest assured that you’re in good and capable hands when it comes to Assessments and Training.


The whole merit of the brand new design belongs to the Quart Creative Agency, located in Bucharest, Romania – a very professional, dynamic and creative company which can really transform the impossible to possible when it comes to web development, programming and coding.



We’ve been working together with Quart on this project since January 2018 and we’ve managed to pass all the design challenges by finding the right solutions – with this occasion we’d like to express our deepest thanks and gratitude for all their help and we can’t recommend them enough.


You can’t copy or save any information or content from our website. If you need any information from our website, kindly email us at and we’ll make it right.


Our ePortfolio System


You have might hear or not about our ePortfolio System located at which is still under development as we are trying to make it as perfect as possible to support your learning and training needs – we’re aiming to finish the project by December 2018. The online platform will be available to all our registered candidates, on any device and Operating System (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) and will have a very positive impact in the delivery of our Training and Assessment Programmes to you.



Your qualification’s knowledge assignments will be issued completely online, available to complete whenever you can, without having to attend any classrooms. Our Online ePortfolio will fit around any of our learner’s behavior in order to support his needs.


We’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email with any suggestions, recommendations or remarks about our new website at or simply find us all over Social Media – we’re very active and friendly.



Apprenticeships and End-Point Assessments

It has never been more important to growing and developing your workforce as per UK’s current construction industry skills gaps. One of the best ways to address those gaps, is to hire apprentices. You’ll be able to watch them improve and learn new skills with our construction Tutors available to suit their needs.

We are able to provide you training through a number of pathways, covering the most important Construction Training Programmes in the UK, each of apprenticeship training programme, leading to a Vocational Qualification (NVQ) at the end. Our experienced and professional team, some of, Members of the CIOB and past Chartered Construction Managers, will ensure a smooth training and assessment process but also their full-time commitment to your apprentices.

Our goal is to ensure that your workforce will be able to carry out their duties and tasks adequately, at the required standards, in the same time to be able to follow the safe system of works on site.

We understand how challenging can the Construction Industry be sometimes, but rest assured that we can tailor our apprenticeships so that the training we deliver is fully flexible to meet your needs and specific work. CDC is also able to deliver the apprenticeship training programmes completely on site, at employers’ premises, with minimum disrupt from the work activities.

Our Apprenticeships Delivery

• Construction Specialist – Interior Systems – Intermediate Apprenticeship (Level 2)

• Construction Building – Wood Occupations – Intermediate Apprenticeship (Level 2)

• Construction Building – Decorative Finishing and Industrial Painting – Intermediate Apprenticeship (Level 2)

Assessment and Verification

All knowledge and understanding assessments will be carried out during attendance on formal training. Arrangements will be made to assess learners in the workplace during on-site periods. Competence assessments will be undertaken in the workshop with real-life scenarios which must be accomplished to the required national occupational standard.

Competence assessments will be undertaken in the workshop or on the employer’s premises with real-life scenarios which must be accomplished to the required national occupational standard.

Observation of Behaviours and Skills

Apprentices work in an environment where their safety, the safety of those around them and the equipment they work on are of paramount importance. Therefore, observation of behaviors and approach are an integral and developing part of the apprentice progression throughout the apprenticeship and should be assessed using existing supervisory practice and as part of the on-going assessment.

End-point Assessment

Successful achievement of the end-point assessment will lead to final certification of the apprenticeship and demonstrate that the apprentice is a fully competent individual in their occupational job role, who can work safely and confidently. Apprentices should only be considered for end-point assessment when they have completed their on-programme portfolio and achieved a pass in their knowledge assessment or current legacy qualification and have achieved the required behavioral standard.

For further information on the type of apprenticeships we offer or to see how our business can help you make the most of the apprenticeship levy, please get in touch today.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our apprenticeships advisor George at 020 8349 8002 or


NVQ Assessors and Verifiers do not require CSCS Cards

Did you know NVQ Assessors and Verifiers do not require CSCS cards for accessing construction sites?

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) agreed that from January 2015 the industry, including trade associations, contractors, clients, and the government should specify and promote card schemes carrying the CSCS logo with no equivalents accepted.

This is good news for the industry as it provides a consistent means of recognizing that an individual has achieved the agreed standard of qualification and skill for the occupation they are working in.

The CLC also recognizes that due to the diverse nature of construction projects, there are occasions when non-construction personnel needs to access a construction site, such as a delivery driver, machine maintenance personnel, and other non-construction related occupations.

On these occasions, the CLC accepts the person visiting a construction site would not be expected to carry a CSCS, but there should be clear industry guidance for non-construction personnel.

Amongst the occupations not required to carry a CSCS card are NVQ Assessors and Verifiers.

Following the agreement with Build UK, CSCS has issued the following guidance for NVQ Assessors and Verifiers:

  1. CSCS cards are intended for construction-related occupations only
  2. Whilst vitally important to the industry, the activity of assessing or verifying a worker on a construction site is not considered a construction-related activity
  3. Therefore, NVQ Assessors and Verifiers are not required to hold a CSCS card
  4. It is the responsibility of site managers to ensure all non-construction related personnel are inducted to the site and kept safe at all times
  5. A risk assessment should be carried out if necessary, and the site visitor should be escorted at all times
  6. NVQ Assessors and Verifiers will be visiting candidates who hold valid CSCS cards and these individuals could act as the Assessors and Verifiers escort whilst on site.

CSCS is aware that some constructions sites still operate a fully carded workforce policy. If your entry to such a site is refused because you do not hold CSCS card, please ask the site manager to view this article on the CSCS website.

The advice issued above is fully in line with industry desire to only issue CSCS cards when workers are engaged in a construction-related activity.

Read the original information on the official CSCS website HERE.